How to run android apps on windows phone mobile

The following Article is the primary guide on how to install an Android application on a Windows Phone device


  1. Download Project Astoria here
  2. Make sure your Windows 10 Mobile is the latest build. See all list of the platform that compatible with supports Project Astoria & windows 10 OS on this link List of Compatible device
  3. Make sure your Lumia series support to operate this tool

How to Install Android Applications on Windows Phone

  1. First, extract the Project Astoria file that you have finishing download.
  2. Next, you must install IpOverUsbInstaller.msi and also vcredist_x86.exe
  3. On your Windows Phone, go to Settings> Update & Security> For developers> then activate the Developers Mode and Device Discovery.
  4. Stay in the folder, press SHIFT + Right Click> Open command window here.
  5. After the command prompt opens, run the wconnect.exe USB command then Enter.
  6. Press Pair on Windows Phone, and after the code appears, enter it in the command prompt.

  7. If you have opened the Platform Tools folder, then SHIFT + right-click> Open command window here.
  8. To make sure your device is paired successfully, type the command adb devices then Enter.
  9. Make sure there is your device attached there.
  10. You can also confirm it on Windows Phone by viewing the paired device from 0 to 1.
  11. After that download the Android application APK file that you want to install, You can find all the apps for windows phone that available in here Apps Game and place it in the platform-tools folder (one folder with adb.exe)
  12. Then finally install the Android application by running the adb command install filename application. Apk (change the filename application with the name of the apk file you want to install)
  13. After the Installation of Android application or games finished, You will see “Success” report.
  14. You can do it for all Android applications that you want to install on Windows Phone.
  15. Well, all the process has done, now you can enjoy your favorite apps on your windows phone mobile. All Android applications are now available on your Windows Phone. Most of these Android Applications can run seamlessly in Windows 10 Mobile.

But you need to know that apps using Google Services (such as google play services, etc.) cannot run well. Including CoC and other apps that use Google Play Services. This issue because Project Astoria cannot access the Google Services.

This tool is made for developers to transport their Android apps to the Windows Store. Developers can carry Android applications into Windows applications without any editing, or with a little editing if their applications use Google Services.

That way Android developers can release their applications in the Windows Store with just a slight adjustment in appearance, performance, and experience.

Anyway, If you didn’t get any trouble regarding this tutorial, you have been successfully installing the Android application on your Windows Phone. Please share your experience when using your favorite apps here.